Initially: my intuitions.

I have the feeling that things repeat themselves, that everything turns around. I sense the void, a vortex. There's a truth hidden behind those intuitions, some important thing that I must discover. My obsession is to collect evidence, get confirmation, approach the truth one step at a time. My visions materialize into glass and silver, in the form of shinny and transparent mirages, to make them legible, tangible. I use chemistry to apprehend the world as I see it, the void, the repetitions, the whirl. Everything goes through me and my hands. I am the maelstrom that I turn into pictures. I have neither contours nor limits.

I make ambrotypes.

An ambrotype is a photography on glass where shadows appear transparent and highlights are made of silver. It's obtained from the wet plate collodion process which allows, after creating and exposing a light-sensitive emulsion, to grow silver on the latent image. Placed in front of a dark background, the silver reflects light and shows a positive image. I work alone, according to a protocol that I personally developed and adapted to my practice. Two phases are involved in the technical realization of one of my ambrotypes. First there's the shot, for which I use a black and white film chemically processed in order to obtain a slide. In the darkroom, I then project the slide on the wet plate to make the ambrotype. Those two phases are subdivided into a multitude of steps. To each step its dedicated fluid. This ceremonial is mine, I imagined it, thought it through, gave it its structure. I repeat it in a loop.




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